Friday, May 1, 2009

Two New Stories of Awakening to Evolution

by Michael Dowd
As Connie and I conclude our seventh year of traveling the USA teaching and preaching a sacred understanding of the Epic of Evolution, I round out our posted collection of “Stories of Awakening” with two more tales. Both pertain to one of my most popular program elements: evolutionary brain science, and both vividly demonstrate how an evolutionary understanding fosters the spiritual virtue of compassion.

"No question, I would have given myself to him"

A woman came up to me after my program and thanked me profusely for mentioning the effects on women's sex drive when in the presence of high-status men. She told me this story: "When my kids were really young, Bill Clinton's motorcade drove past my house, and I actually saw him in the car. I felt this sudden wave of desire wash over me. If he'd have stopped, no question I would have given myself to him — and I was happily married!"

"My compassion for men went up four-fold"

After my program on evolutionary brain science at a large Christian church, a woman told me this story: "There was a time when I had to take testosterone supplements, and it increased my compassion for men four-fold. Not only did my sex drive go up, but I felt more aggressive and a lot more willing to take risks. It was amazing!"
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