Thursday, December 19, 2013

Evolutionary Parenting - Great Gift Ideas

Some Last Minute Solstice/Holiday Gift Ideas
Some items shown for the first time this year:

Fun toys for kids:

A really great development!  Charlie’s playhouse – which had great reality-based toys for kids, is evolving – and offering much more!  Check out their fun toys, kids’ books, interactive online games, and more!

DNA Kit: 
Pop Bead DNA (about the same cost, more versatile, but fewer step-by step lesson activities: with a description of how to use them here:
Element blocks for kids ages 2-4 (but also educational just to have around) 
For the Adults & Teens

The Big History Series on the History Channel is a cool overview of how we got here:  


Elemental Birthdays, for Birthdays 1-20, bring our Big History into our lives with fun birthday parties based on the elements:  (Full disclosure – this is the latest project of Heather and I)

Earth and Sky Calendar:, another way to bring our Great Story to your daily life.
Items mentioned earlier that are still the best resources around:
Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, now available on DVD).  
Essential Books for all Families:
For the youngest kids, aged 3 to 6, “Our Family Tree” by Lisa Peters is a great introduction to how we got here.  Next, for ages 5 to 10, is the “Born with a Bang” trilogy by Jennifer Morgan.  After that the child can read on their own, so Richard Dawkins book, “The Magic of Reality” is a good choice.  Here are pictures and links for all three:

The BBC “Walking with” series is also excellent – especially “Monsters”, “Cavemen”, and “Beasts”. - just search amazon or another provider starting with "BBC" and "Walking with......"
Lastly, a very useful collection of resources for parents and educators is at

Happy Holidays!