Friday, May 1, 2009

Pilgrimages to “Sacred Sites of the Epic of Evolution”

by Connie Barlow

Ever since we launched our itinerant ministry of “evolutionary evangelism,” Michael Dowd and I have taken on the spiritual practice of making pilgrimages to, what we like to call, “Sacred Sites of the Epic of Evolution.” During the first 3 months of 2009, we visited these three sites: NASA’s Apollo Flight Center (Houston, TX), Arkansas River “Pleistocene Dreamtime” (Tulsa, OK), and America’s First Dinosaur Discovery (Haddonfield, NJ). After each pilgrimage, I posted a richly illustrated, informative, and reflective photo-essay of our experience on website.

What are Sacred Sites of the Epic of Evolution? They are particular places that are locally, regionally, nationally, or globally significant for commemorating an event in the Great Story of cosmic, geological, biological, and cultural evolution. We look forward to the day when such sites will be widely recognized as places where peoples of all religious faiths and worldviews can sense and experience our shared creation story.

Photo-essay of NASA’s Apollo Flight Center (Houston, TX)
Photo-essay of Arkansas River Pleistocene Dreamtime (Tusla, OK)
Photo-essay of America’s First Dinosaur Discovery (Haddonfield, NJ)
Home page of Sacred Sites of the Epic of Evolution

Here you can sample the 13 photo-essays of sacred sites thus far posted. As well, learn how you, too, can contribute a photo-essay of an evolutionary pilgrimage too.

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