Monday, February 9, 2009

Metaphorical gods vs. Reality/God: Part 1

by Michael Dowd

I recently received an email from a woman who came to one of my programs, purchased some of our materials, and later had a few of her family members listen to a recording of a sermon of mine. She wrote:

"I wonder if you can answer a question. I had my son and at another time my son-in-law listen to your presentation and they came to the same conclusion: they both said that you reduced God down to a metaphor. Can you tell me that is not so?"

My response: Yes, this is not so! But the fact that two young men had pretty much the same reaction to my sermon suggests to me that either,

A. I'm not very good yet at assisting people in distinguishing imaginary gods from the real Creator, or

B. We as a species have a long way to go before we truly get the difference between trivial and realistic notions of the divine.


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