Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Introducing ThankGODforEVOLUTION.net

We are excited to announce the initial launch of ThankGODforEVOLUTION.net, an online community platform and companion website to ThankGODforEVOLUTION.com. This site will serve as a meeting ground where people of all religious traditions, scientific backgrounds, philosophies, and spiritual paths can come together to help create a movement and culture that celebrates meaningful interpretations of a science-based, evolutionary worldview. You will have the opportunity to post your ideas, questions, projects, and stories to the community discussion board, and to become part of a dynamic community of inspired individuals and organizations committed to a sacred and meaningful future. From Baptists to Buddhists to Big Bang theorists and beyond, all are encouraged to engage in fresh conversations about matters of ultimate concern and to learn how to apply this work to their own lives.
Join the community now at ThankGODforEVOLUTION.net!

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